Meet the team

Paradox Group Team

Zoran Pejović


Hotel Development-Hotel development specialist with over fifteen years of international hospitality experience and number of successful hotel and restaurants openings. Focused on innovation and people development. Contextual approach to development, operation as well as to the leadership. B.S. in Hospitality Management from RIT, NY, M.Sc.

Mia Jug Dujaković


Legal-Extensive experience in the field of company structuring and restructuring (a special focus on holding structures in regard to tax regulations), acquisition of properties (private and commercial), development of building zones and sites projects, management of residence and business permits, investment projects and elaboration of tailor made contracts.

Marko Jug Dujaković


Project Coordination & Accounting - Degree in International Finance. Worked as managing director for Henley & Partners for Croatia market. Also worked within Croatian Land Holdings-investment vehicle, as part of developing and managing team. Has wide knowledge in legal and business procedures.

Marko Sučić


Financing - B.S. degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York and M.D. in Management from Faculty of Management, Novi Sad. Nine years of experience in banking Industry, with specialization in corporate banking as well as fifteen years in accounting and financial service.

Žana Erceg

hotel development assistant

Experience in collecting and analyzing data, organizing and monitoring business activities, coordinating, planning and successful implementation of tasks. Associate degree in Hospitality Management from ACMT, RIT, NY

Adela Bezmalinović Pleše

office manager

Everyday business correspondence with foreign and domestic clients. Years of experience in translation of expert texts and translation of balance sheets from the field of economy, tourism, law, mining and education.